Interview with Damian Orchard; The Puck Stops Here!

Christmas is coming!

Do you too you wanna gift something unique to your family members? Something which will exclusively belong to them.

Are you a hockey enthusiast? Then why not to add a custom hockey puck to your collection!

In this episode, Cliff talks with Damian and Dusty Orchard about their hobby which soon got converted into business. Damian is an artist and the founder of, who is delivering happiness all around the world.


What to listen for

  • Who would you rather support Phoenix Coyotes or National Predators?
  • What it takes to be a hobby vs a business?
  • Did Damian painted a puck for his wife?
  • Can you beat COVID?

Well, I can

  • He can paint anything on the hockey puck!

Conversation highlights

[03:48] My bucket-list was to make it on TV, without having to murder somebody!

[06:23] How our story started as Christians?

Without HIM none of these have been possible….

[10:10] Christmas is coming!  A lot of people out there who want something unique.Place your orders now.

[16:33] Professional hockey players out there, in their personal puckk collection, have Damian Orchard Art Painted Puck.

[24:33] A questionnaire with the wife of Damian.

[28:42] The Germans build really solid products (something to share about Dusty’s 10 years old Mercedes)

[36:30] Do the new Mexican laws allows private schools to teach in class (even in this COVID scenario)?

[37:12] Takeaway #1 – Check out the painted park on your favourite RevItUp podcast.

[42:30] Are these pucks durable? What is the pricing?(Let’s get straight to the point)

[48:03] Painted Pucks that boost your mood! (All by the will of God)

[58:56] A little yet effective prayer!

Memorable quotes

Without HIM none of this have been possible…..”

“It truly is a gift from God”

What a marriage is about?”

“I donated four pucks for the art auction to help raise money for the kids and the hockey program.”

Special Reminder:

Make sure to check out Damian’s Website and find the right gift for your loved ones!

You can also check out Legacy Christian academy to buy the donated pucks!

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The California Situation

California has a lot of history behind itself. Hollywood studios and different Icon shows that we’ve watched till years came from California.

There are many things about California that are unique….

And now look at it, it’s just unbelievable! The smoking sky is choking the lives of the folk living out there.

We pray for the family and the children. We pray for all the folks that are helping people in this devastating situation.

In this episode, Cliff explains the current situation of California and seeks the way in which we can help!

Lesson to take with you:

  • The current scenario of California
  • Relief will come soon
  • Pray for the states where devastation is going on
  • What affects California, affects all of us!
  • Give a thought about California, this holiday season.

Conversation highlights:

[00:25] Covid-19 + forest fire = heavy load on people’s shoulder

[06:20] A green and lushy State going through devastation

[07:16] May god have mercy on us! Is California, the only state, which is suffering?

[10:22] Elections, a major issue?

[12:20] The uniqueness of Californian History

[16:50] “There are days when the kids can’t see the sun because the smoke is so bad!

[18:20] Prayer is the biggest help!

[22:28] It’s not the same anymore.

[25:38] What more 2020 is about to bring?

Memorable quotes:

  • We need to walk by faith and not by sight!
  • “It’s going to be difficult to pick up the pieces and try to restart over again.”
  • “California, We love you! We pray for you!”

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Vote with Your Conscience

It’s that time again. It’s time to vote.


Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or something else, Cliff Anderson wants to remind everyone to exercise their right to vote, vote with your values, and to be respectful of everyone else.


We live in a divided time where saying the wrong thing can get you into a lot of trouble…but we also live as Americans with the right (and duty) to vote.


While most of us know that, Cliff wants to remind us about a bigger issue, your conscience.As Christians, we are called to not only to participate in the world we live in, but to express our values.


We are called to vote with our conscience.


In this episode, Cliff explains what that means and how to do it in a way that honors God.


Lesson to Take With You

  • Why voting is important
  • Why it’s not your pastor’s duty to tell you who to vote for
  • Why you need to vote with your values
  • How should voters relate to other voters?
  • How should churches approach the topic of voting?
  • The priorities everyone should care about
  • Why Cliff has hope for the future
  • Who we need to continue praying for..while we’re getting ready to vote


Conversation Highlights

[0:55] Why voting is important…from a pastor’s point-of-view


[2:28] Why you need to vote


[3:38] Voting with values


[3:40] An example of voting with your values: Abortion


[10:40] Being a respectful voter


[13:17] Being civil about politics


[18:51] Church & politics


[21:00] What everyone should be focusing on in the next election


[23:38] Why Cliff chose NOW to do this podcast on voting


[36:00] A simple request from Cliff


[38:13] Hope for the future


[38:55] Prayer


Memorable Quotes

“Voting is important because it’s our right.”


“Our society is not the same…as it used to be.”


“On both sides [of the aisle], we need to vote.”


“People don’t think the same…even if it’s the same church.”


“What’s important to me is values.”


“I think there’s hope for us.”


“We’re all here because we’re part of a plan.”


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A Tribute to Bobby Likis The Car Whisperer

In this special episode of Rev It Up, Cliff Anderson dedicates a few moments to share the personal impact Bobby Likis (expert mechanic and radio host) had on his life and career. Bobby is getting ready to retire, so Cliff wanted to take this opportunity to dedicate a podcast to the legacy Bobby has built.

Bobby Likis is more than just a mechanic, he is an expert in all things automotive. Bobby has worked with cars in almost every way possible- as a race car driver, mechanic, mechanic shop owner, and on-air radio personality who has shared his insight, passion, and expertise with so many people.

If you haven’t heard of the automotive genius that is Bobby Likis or wanted to learn more about one of Cliff’s mentors that helped him get to where he is, tune in for an episode that you will never forget.

Lesson to Take With You

  • The powerful impact of finding a mentor
  • Paying respect to experts and teachers on your path
  • The insight of an expert…and how that can help your own skills
  • Finding a way to feed your passion
  • The amazing power of connecting with a mentor in person
  • Finding a genuine mentor
  • Why you need to keep learning…and keep learning from your mentor
  • Why learning from an expert is important to leveling up your own skills
  • Dealing with “all good things must come to an end”
  • Praying for your mentors

Conversation Highlights

[2:28] Bobby’s background: Learn more about how Bobby became the car genius that he is

[3:38] Other influences on Cliff’s career as a mechanic

[4:20] Why Bobby is unique as a mechanic and an expert

[7:06] Side trip: Cliff takes a side step into one of Bobby’s lessons of ethanol vs methanol

[10:45] The ongoing mentorship between Bobby and Cliff

[16:41] Staying up-to-date with the world of cars and technology

[23:46] What’s next for Bobby?

[28:00] Prayer

Memorable Quotes

“He is the doctor of cars.”

“I would listen to him every Saturday morning for about 2 hours.”

“What an awesome time to be able to be on his show”

“When you’re a true genuine person, that makes a difference.”

“Nothing can ever replace Bobby Likis’ Car Clinic..There’s so much to it that is amazing to me.”

Cool Links to Check Out

Bobby Likis’ Car Clinic website

John Wayne’s boat

Why Ethanol?

God, Cars and everything in between! An Interview with Pat Klor

In this episode of the Rev It Up Podcast, Reverend Cliff Alderson and Pat Klor go down memory lane as Pat shares his experiences both in Family, business, and as a long time acquaintance of Reverend Cliff. They describe the different challenges they faced and how God’s instructions always make a way.

Listen now and be inspired

Conversation Highlights

[00:56] Reverend Cliff introduces Pat Klor

[04:35] Pat narrates his backstory describing the challenges he faced with business and Family, and How God saw him through

[21:43] He runs through key selling points of the business including how he was able to maximize his knowledge of pools in the design of fire bowls and other outdoor fire concepts.

[28:30] The different aspects of the business are described in detail; the international shows or events, traveling to market to the target consumer groups in different states or countries.

[33:00] Pat narrates a story of how God blessed his business with a truck they had no clue they could get.

[36:04] God reminded Pat amid his fears about his business that he should be thankful for what he has

[39:07] Pat narrates his experience with Rev Cliff driving his Camaro as he was led by God.

[44:44] We can’t throw in the towel because the next moment might be the moment God says this is why he brought you here.

[47:00] Rev Cliff points out his interest in fuel injectors as a mechanic, noting that most blind mechanics don’t understand it and would rather focus on carburetors

[57:56] Pat appreciates the immense strength exhibited by Cliff as well as Michael and Teresa Blaes also blind and in the ministry

[59:44] How to contact Pat

[01:00:33] Pray deep because you have the strength and grit to get through this time

[01:01:01] A prayer by Reverend Cliff




Remarkable Quotes:

[16:25] “Everybody has problems, it’s how you handle your problems”

[33:28] “Don’t lose your drive, life will kick you down but you pray, get up and know you can do it”

[01:00:33] “Pray deep because you have the strength and grit to get through this time”

Consider It All Joy, When You Meet Your Peaks; An Interview with Phil Robinson

In the episode of Rev It Up, Rev Cliff Alderson sits with Phil Robinson who discusses mountain hiking based on some of his experiences, with emphasis on its benefits as a bonding exercise for families.

Listen now and be inspired

Conversation Highlights

[02:58] Phil introduces himself and “Peak Bagging”

[05:28] He narrates some of his experiences as a mountain hiker.

[09:11] Some of the toughest peaks Phil has had to hike

[13:31] A site to find out about peaks and different hiking experiences:

[22:31] Phil describes how prayers come into his peak hiking

[22:40] It’s a lot like life; almost every peak to a certain degree is a trial

[33:42] The Brail Trail

[35:24] White water rafting

[41:34] The joy of getting outside and doing things outside is becoming lost

[43:21] The unfortunate California forest fires

[52:00] What are the most important things to have for hiking.

[57:00] Rev encourages families to take advantage of the hiking experience even in these challenging times

[58:25] Final notes from Phil; Just like peaks, people go through trials; count it all joy


Remarkable Quotes

[54:33] “Be prepared”

Corvettes and My Brother; An Interview with Shelby Alderson

In this episode of the Rev It Up Podcast, Rev Cliff Alderson talks with his brother Shelby Alderson, owner of Shelby’s auto center and auto enthusiast since childhood. They go through Corvettes and share opinions on different happenings over time in the automobile industry.

Listen now and be engrossed in their conversation

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What is Faith without Sight?

In this episode of Rev It Up, Reverend Cliff Alderson narrates a heart-wrenching experience he describes as a gift God gave him and acknowledges the blessings of God in all he was able to accomplish, even as he faces challenges with his sight.
Listen in and be encouraged
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Interview with Micah Claycamp from

In this episode of Rev It Up, Reverend Cliff Alderson features Micah “Doodles” Claycamp, a prolific illustrator and a fellow Christian. He has also found a way to use his art as a bridge passing the gospel into people’s lives, all the while discussing his work as an artist and their passion for cars.

Listen now and be thrilled.

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