A Tribute to Bobby Likis The Car Whisperer

In this special episode of Rev It Up, Cliff Anderson dedicates a few moments to share the personal impact Bobby Likis (expert mechanic and radio host) had on his life and career. Bobby is getting ready to retire, so Cliff wanted to take this opportunity to dedicate a podcast to the legacy Bobby has built.

Bobby Likis is more than just a mechanic, he is an expert in all things automotive. Bobby has worked with cars in almost every way possible- as a race car driver, mechanic, mechanic shop owner, and on-air radio personality who has shared his insight, passion, and expertise with so many people.

If you haven’t heard of the automotive genius that is Bobby Likis or wanted to learn more about one of Cliff’s mentors that helped him get to where he is, tune in for an episode that you will never forget.

Lesson to Take With You

  • The powerful impact of finding a mentor
  • Paying respect to experts and teachers on your path
  • The insight of an expert…and how that can help your own skills
  • Finding a way to feed your passion
  • The amazing power of connecting with a mentor in person
  • Finding a genuine mentor
  • Why you need to keep learning…and keep learning from your mentor
  • Why learning from an expert is important to leveling up your own skills
  • Dealing with “all good things must come to an end”
  • Praying for your mentors

Conversation Highlights

[2:28] Bobby’s background: Learn more about how Bobby became the car genius that he is

[3:38] Other influences on Cliff’s career as a mechanic

[4:20] Why Bobby is unique as a mechanic and an expert

[7:06] Side trip: Cliff takes a side step into one of Bobby’s lessons of ethanol vs methanol

[10:45] The ongoing mentorship between Bobby and Cliff

[16:41] Staying up-to-date with the world of cars and technology

[23:46] What’s next for Bobby?

[28:00] Prayer

Memorable Quotes

“He is the doctor of cars.”

“I would listen to him every Saturday morning for about 2 hours.”

“What an awesome time to be able to be on his show”

“When you’re a true genuine person, that makes a difference.”

“Nothing can ever replace Bobby Likis’ Car Clinic..There’s so much to it that is amazing to me.”

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