Family is everything – Stories from Pastor Cliff

In today’s episode Pastor Cliff shares some personal news. Two of his family members, Uncle Bobby and Uncle Jerry Brown are both very ill and getting ready for heaven


Pastor Cliff shares stories of his two uncles and his family growing up.


Uncle Jerry Brown is the twin of Pastor Cliff’s mother. It was their mother’s hereditary illness that led Pastor Cliff and others in the family to wrestle with blindness. 


Pastor Cliff’s family has always loved cars and he shares stories of the many cars they had growing up, and a funny story of when he tried to give a car a paint job as a child.


But cars are not the only thing the family loved. They loved Jesus, and they especially loved singing about Jesus. 

Growing up in a small town in the southern USA gave Pastor Cliff an amazing opportunity to have a wonderful childhood. I hope you enjoy his stories today.

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