God, Cars and everything in between! An Interview with Pat Klor

In this episode of the Rev It Up Podcast, Reverend Cliff Alderson and Pat Klor go down memory lane as Pat shares his experiences both in Family, business, and as a long time acquaintance of Reverend Cliff. They describe the different challenges they faced and how God’s instructions always make a way.

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Conversation Highlights

[00:56] Reverend Cliff introduces Pat Klor

[04:35] Pat narrates his backstory describing the challenges he faced with business and Family, and How God saw him through

[21:43] He runs through key selling points of the business including how he was able to maximize his knowledge of pools in the design of fire bowls and other outdoor fire concepts.

[28:30] The different aspects of the business are described in detail; the international shows or events, traveling to market to the target consumer groups in different states or countries.

[33:00] Pat narrates a story of how God blessed his business with a truck they had no clue they could get.

[36:04] God reminded Pat amid his fears about his business that he should be thankful for what he has

[39:07] Pat narrates his experience with Rev Cliff driving his Camaro as he was led by God.

[44:44] We can’t throw in the towel because the next moment might be the moment God says this is why he brought you here.

[47:00] Rev Cliff points out his interest in fuel injectors as a mechanic, noting that most blind mechanics don’t understand it and would rather focus on carburetors

[57:56] Pat appreciates the immense strength exhibited by Cliff as well as Michael and Teresa Blaes also blind and in the ministry

[59:44] How to contact Pat


[01:00:33] Pray deep because you have the strength and grit to get through this time

[01:01:01] A prayer by Reverend Cliff




Remarkable Quotes:

[16:25] “Everybody has problems, it’s how you handle your problems”

[33:28] “Don’t lose your drive, life will kick you down but you pray, get up and know you can do it”

[01:00:33] “Pray deep because you have the strength and grit to get through this time”

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