Happy Independence Day!

In this episode of Rev it UP Podcast, where the love of God and the love of cars collide. we have host Cliff Alderson to discuss topics that are relevant to your daily life.
Listen in now and be enlightened
Conversation Highlights
[00:46] Scenario when he worked on his truck and the Chevrolet pickup and done some things
[02:37] Depiction of beautiful classic cars in the back of their yard.
[06:01] Whatever your dream is, don’t let somebody come along and try to try to deflate your dreams
[10:39] That it felt that these cars were very rare, but they put them off the side of the Sydney line plant and built the cars handmade and put them back on the line once they were done
[13:02] It was very unique to start learning about transmissions and engines and dry shafts and rear ends and rear gearboxes.
Remarkable Quotes:
[07:01] ” It was a midsize car for a two door sport coupe. he bought the car and what fascinated me about his car for that year was the tail lights in the back. I think that’s what drew me was.”
[15:22] “Through that past of, learning God’s word and, how I also got involved in automobiles and how it all started when I was a little kid..”

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