History of Chrysler

In today’s episode, Pastor Cliff talks about Chrysler. The story of Walter P. Chrysler, and his contribution to the automotive world. From adding more cars to the Chrysler name to building powerful engines, Walter changed the world. But later the muscle car was killed, why? Listen to learn more.



{0:50} The story of Walter P. Chrysler

{3:00} Dodge Corporation

{3:52} The Plymouth Plant

{4:40} MOPAR

{5:20} Chrysler Building

{8:36} Death of Walter P. Chrysler

{9:55} Cliff is in the paper!

{12:00} Different options for Chrysler

{18:00} Plymouth Hemi CUDA

{21:20} Dodge Challenger ’70-’72

{24:20} The history of the HEMI

{31:20} The death of the Muscle Car

{38:20} Don and Harris Dodge

{45:20} The Book of Proverbs, Wisdom is found in Jesus Christ

{52:20} Prayer for you



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