God, HOT WHEELS and A New Direction

In this episode of Rev It Up, Reverend Cliff Alderson describes his love for Cars and how this was a translation of God’s love for him, giving him purpose by turning a childhood dream into reality.
Listen in and be enlightened
Conversation Highlights
[08:43] Gifts are in the Bible to be woven into our lives.
[09:03] God never leaves us out, He knows that at a certain age we want to be involved in a career life
[11:47] God knows your interest
[13:07]You should never give up your dream
[14:37] God wants us to be with him, so he can take us to places we have never been
[14:51] The Rev shares that he would never have been able to become the first blind automotive engineer
[16:07] We tend to forget that Gods putting his hands with ours and we’re doing the work with him
[18:46]Do you want to do a job that you don’t like doing or a job that you love to do?
[22:02] Follow your heart, If you’re not happy about what you’re doing right now, make a change
[22:56] The Rev reveals a message God shared with him “ You are a man with an ambition that’s on a mission”.
[26:55] Use everything your car has, that’s why you bought it
[28:51] Rev Cliff gives some very important safety tips for cars

Remarkable Quotes:
[23:16]”Wherever God places you, He knows what is best for you”.
[22:15] “If you do what’s right, you will be in the best place”.
[28:03]”It is an art to drive a car”.

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