Interview with Brad from Teshuah Tea

Pastor Clip interviews Brad from Teshuah Tea.  Brad started Teshuah Tea Company as a way to help others especially those who have been abused and forgotten by the rest of society. Brad talks about his business partner Andrew a missionary to Asia.

Not only does he work with leper villages and the underground church in communist countries, he and his team also rescue girls trapped in sex slavery. Some of these girls are as young as 11 years old. Andrew has started a rescue and rehab house in Asia called Teshuah House and has rescued 40+ girls. His staff work with the girls to get them the help they need spiritually, physically, and emotionally as well as to teach them skills that will help them provide for their families. We purchase our tea, coasters, bracelets, and coffee from the girls giving them a ready market.


{2:07}                    What is Teshuah Tea?

{15:26}                  How the rescue started

{25:26}                  Nigeria Ministry

{27:40}                  Organ Harvesting in the sex slave industry

{34:20}                  USA involvement in the sex slave industry

{43:15}                  How Girls end up in the sex slave industry

{55:00}                 How to contact Brad



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