Interview with Pastor Wendon Part 1

In this episode, Cliff talks with Pastor Wendon about the need to listen to God.  Wendon shares his childhood journey to God, meanwhile taking us on a spiritual journey towards our heavenly Father.

Starting up with Wendon’s testimony, Rev ends up colliding the love of God with the love of cars.

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What to listen for

  • Testimony of Pastor Wendon
  • Having a relationship with God
  • The need to pray for his people
  • The role of God in our life


Conversation highlights:

[01:50] The Testimony of a Pastor

  • Where does Wendon live besides New Mexico?
  • How long Wendon has been a Pastor?


[06:52] How molestation at a young age affected Wendon?

  • What made him run away from God?
  • You need to have a relationship with God.

[17:15] I made a decision to live for Jesus.

  • Jesus made the addiction go away.
  • Experiencing God’s grace….

[22:25] Whatever you think is the most important thing to you, is not gonna satisfy you. Living for Christ is the only thing that will satisfy.

  • There is always someone who will understand your problems.
  • You have to teach people what you have been through.

[33:17] How Wendon dealt with Depression and Low Self-Esteem?

  • Your past is not the issue, God is interested in your present.

Memorable quotes:

“We go through what we go through, but the good Lord has a point.”

“I gave my heart to the Lord!”

“Jesus loved me enough to die for me.”

“God I am not worthy to live and I am worthy for your love.”

“God is graceful enough to guide you even in your darkest times.”


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Any questions?
Contact Wendon at his website or call him up at 575-415-0483


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