Interview With Pastor Wendon, Part 2

In this episode, Cliff talks with Pastor Wendon about the need to listen to God. Wendon shares his childhood journey to God, meanwhile taking us on a spiritual journey towards our heavenly Father.

Starting up with Wendon’s testimony, Rev ends up colliding the love of God with the love of cars.

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What to listen for

  • Testimony of Pastor Wendon
  • Having a relationship with God
  • The need to pray for his people
  • The role of God in our life


Conversation highlights:

[00:41] My pastor to me was way ahead of his time.

[05:38] When God calls you, you do what he says!

  • What’s foolish to man, is wise to God!

[09:38] Pray the lord to send the labourers to reap the sin.

[15:21] We need to pray!

  • We need to be united together by the cause of Christ.
  • If you don’t know who to turn to, turn to your Father.

[18:44] Wendon’s message for you!

[21:41] We are not here for very long.

  • God is the answer to every question.

[24:03] Let the Lord do it!

[25:16] A small yet mesmerizing Prayer!


Memorable quotes:

“God surprises us with gifts that we never thought of!”

“God is the man with a plan.”

“We need to override the fear by the weapon of paryers.”

“God is graceful enough to guide you even in your darkest times.”


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