Living with a Disability; An Interview with Chris Gitto

In this episode, Cliff talks with Christopher John Gitto about the accessibility and the drivability for a blind. They also discusses various problems encountered by the blind people and how they have adapted themselves to overcome the hurdles.



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What to listen for

  • Who is Christopher John Gitto?
  • The life of Gitto after Retirement
  • Part of being a person is about helping others.
  • Life of a Physically Challenged person
  • Encountering the Hurdles


Conversation highlights:

[01:23] What else would you like to know about Chris?


[07:34] What after Retirement?


[18:06] Renting a Cadillac for Cliff’s wedding.


[19:58] Helping the disabled people from overseas


[26:55] Getting used to live as a disabled person


[29:31] What is the Accessibility of Living?


[36:15] What it feels like to travel as a disabled person?


[44:44] Why Cliff always books the first floor?


[49:08] I am the first man on and the last man off.


[49:39] What is the Drivability for a blind?


Memorable quotes:

“The forefront is to bring Gospel to people.”


“We thought we were gonna lose her.”


“I can’t see so I need Accessibility.”


“I have flown a lot more than other disabled people.”


“People always want to help you.”




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