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In this episode of Rev It Up, Reverend Cliff Alderson features Micah “Doodles” Claycamp, a prolific illustrator and a fellow Christian. He has also found a way to use his art as a bridge passing the gospel into people’s lives, all the while discussing his work as an artist and their passion for cars.

Listen now and be thrilled.

Conversation Highlights

[00:52] Micah describes himself as a CARtoonist and tells us how it all started.

[02:46] He walks us through the process of each drawing he does for a client

[10:02] The idea of being an illustrator had never crossed Micah’s mind until it all happened, so he actually never honed the skill.

[21:13] Micah describes the level of versatility he applies to meet the different requests of his clients

[25:08] People will listen to you if they respect what you do.

[26:44] God created minerals knowing that thousands of years later we would need them.

[31:40] Rev asks Micah to discuss how he goes about his prices

[41:00] Micah uses his art to find a bridge and slip the gospel into people’s lives

[42:32] Sometimes Micah gets to drive what he draws

[48:09] How to contact Micah Claycamp

Remarkable Quotes:

[24:46] “My art is a bridge into people’s lives” – Micah Claycamp

[25:08] “People will listen to you if they respect what you do”.

Micah’s Website


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