Disabled people are important to God too

In this episode, Cliff talks about the need to listen to God, who is knocking at your heart. He discusses the relation between God and his people, meanwhile taking us on a spiritual journey towards our heavenly Father.


Starting up with his own experiences and the urge to pray, he ends up colliding the love of God with the love of cars.


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What to listen for

  • God’s knocking at your heart
  • HE has his eye on us
  • The need to pray for his people
  • What has God planned for you?
  • The role of God in our life


Conversation highlights:

[00:56] God really cares about you!


[1:49] What God is doing in our lives?


[05:19] God has a plan for every one of us in this world and his plans are so better than ourselves.


[09:56] How God prevents us from giving up?


[11:12] Some of the disabled people keep challenging themselves to become what they want!


[12:58] God love an atheist as he loves a believer!


[14:17] There is no disability in heaven!


[17:09] He wants us to get closer to him!


[21:12] A precautious advice for all of us.


[23:04] You must update car seats in 4-5 years.


Memorable quotes:

“Keep your feet on the ground!”


“We can always win.”


“Life is about completing the race.”


“Disability- it’s a learning to those who are not disabled!”


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