Pastor Cliff Shares his testimony


In this episode, Cliff talks about the need to listen to God, who is knocking at your heart. He discusses the relation between God and his people, meanwhile taking us on a spiritual journey towards our heavenly Father.


Starting up with his own experiences and the urge to pray, he ends up colliding the love of God with the love of cars.


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What to listen for

  • God’s knocking at your heart
  • God loves you.
  • The need to pray for his people
  • Mother’s importance in our life!
  • The role of God in our life


Conversation highlights:

[O1:15] What you know about Pastor cliff?


[04:31] We should praise mothers for what they do for their kids.


[06:37] An intriguing story about Cliff’s parents.


[10:38] Those were the days……


[16:18] What’s special about silver?


[17:16] The true meaning of Cliff….


[19:32] Happy Mother’s day!


[22:52] Why God does not heal all of the disabled?


[24:14] We need to get out of sins!


[24:40] God loves you and HE cares about you.


[26:01] HE has no reason to hurt you.


[29:55] I may be physically blind but I am not spiritually blind!


Memorable quotes:

“There is no perfect family not even in Bible.”


“HE rains every day!.”


“Being dishonest to the Holy Spirit is exhaust ourselves.”


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