Perimeters around the Heart Part 2

In this episode, Cliff talks about the current political scenario of the United States and how it is affected by the Intruder? He also talks about our role in strengthening the States.


Seek out what is the will of Jesus.

Tune in Now!


What to listen for

  • The perimeters around the heart.
  • We are required to keep the Intruder away.
  • The current political scenario of the States
  • How can we confront this aristocracy?
  • God wants Donald Trump in.



Conversation highlights:

[02:05] The Intruder got caught!


[08:10] God wants Donald Trump in!


[15:08] Fighting for our rights.


[19:00] Confronting the aristocracy


[24:57] Being on the right side of life.


[32:42] God knows everything!


[35:47] What are we required to do?


[42:00] Pray for the United States!


[45:20] A small yet effective prayer.


Memorable quotes:

“The intruder needs to get out of the door.”


“If Biden gets into office, we will leave America.”


“You may have to be violent to save someone’s soul.”


“God is strengthening us.”


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