Perimeters around the heart part 3

In this episode, Cliff talks about how to rid of the darkness present in the world? He also discusses why the doors of the church must always be open to all those who seek help?

Starting with his own thoughts, he ends up by asking the Pastors to be strong and living the life god asked them to.


This episode will help you find the answer!

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What to listen for

  • The Perimeters Around The Heart.
  • What is congregation’s responsibilities?
  • What we need to do to help those who don’t seek it?
  • How to live the life god asked you to live?
  • Don’t underestimate the power of God.


Conversation highlights:

[01:22] We are required to spend time with our lord.


[06:35] Who are God’s people?


[11:46] Happy Thanksgiving!


[12:43] Helping those who are in need.


[17:21] Getting rid of the dark clouds above the church.


[25:23] We need to keep the doors open.


[32:40] Why are we blocking God’s miracles?


[35:55] See in your head more than in your eyes.


[39:44] Jesus never gets tired of us.


[42:05] A small yet effective prayer.


Memorable quotes:

“They are a lot of prayers need to be prayed for.”


“Once we talk about Jesus Christ, the light is gonna shine.”


“Please keep the doors open.”


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