The California Situation

California has a lot of history behind itself. Hollywood studios and different Icon shows that we’ve watched till years came from California.

There are many things about California that are unique….

And now look at it, it’s just unbelievable! The smoking sky is choking the lives of the folk living out there.

We pray for the family and the children. We pray for all the folks that are helping people in this devastating situation.

In this episode, Cliff explains the current situation of California and seeks the way in which we can help!

Lesson to take with you:

  • The current scenario of California
  • Relief will come soon
  • Pray for the states where devastation is going on
  • What affects California, affects all of us!
  • Give a thought about California, this holiday season.

Conversation highlights:

[00:25] Covid-19 + forest fire = heavy load on people’s shoulder

[06:20] A green and lushy State going through devastation

[07:16] May god have mercy on us! Is California, the only state, which is suffering?

[10:22] Elections, a major issue?

[12:20] The uniqueness of Californian History

[16:50] “There are days when the kids can’t see the sun because the smoke is so bad!

[18:20] Prayer is the biggest help!

[22:28] It’s not the same anymore.

[25:38] What more 2020 is about to bring?

Memorable quotes:

  • We need to walk by faith and not by sight!
  • “It’s going to be difficult to pick up the pieces and try to restart over again.”
  • “California, We love you! We pray for you!”

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