Vote with Your Conscience

It’s that time again. It’s time to vote.


Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or something else, Cliff Anderson wants to remind everyone to exercise their right to vote, vote with your values, and to be respectful of everyone else.


We live in a divided time where saying the wrong thing can get you into a lot of trouble…but we also live as Americans with the right (and duty) to vote.


While most of us know that, Cliff wants to remind us about a bigger issue, your conscience.As Christians, we are called to not only to participate in the world we live in, but to express our values.


We are called to vote with our conscience.


In this episode, Cliff explains what that means and how to do it in a way that honors God.


Lesson to Take With You

  • Why voting is important
  • Why it’s not your pastor’s duty to tell you who to vote for
  • Why you need to vote with your values
  • How should voters relate to other voters?
  • How should churches approach the topic of voting?
  • The priorities everyone should care about
  • Why Cliff has hope for the future
  • Who we need to continue praying for..while we’re getting ready to vote


Conversation Highlights

[0:55] Why voting is important…from a pastor’s point-of-view


[2:28] Why you need to vote


[3:38] Voting with values


[3:40] An example of voting with your values: Abortion


[10:40] Being a respectful voter


[13:17] Being civil about politics


[18:51] Church & politics


[21:00] What everyone should be focusing on in the next election


[23:38] Why Cliff chose NOW to do this podcast on voting


[36:00] A simple request from Cliff


[38:13] Hope for the future


[38:55] Prayer


Memorable Quotes

“Voting is important because it’s our right.”


“Our society is not the same…as it used to be.”


“On both sides [of the aisle], we need to vote.”


“People don’t think the same…even if it’s the same church.”


“What’s important to me is values.”


“I think there’s hope for us.”


“We’re all here because we’re part of a plan.”


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