Wheels Around the World Part 5

In this episode, Cliff talks about the world of automobiles. He discusses about the Electric Trains and how they contributed in bringing a massive change around the world, meanwhile taking us on a spiritual journey towards God.

Starting up with history of wheels, he ended up colliding the love of God with the love of cars.

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What to listen for

  • Wheels around the World
  • The history of Electric Trains
  • Horses got retirement.
  • The beginning of Trolley Cars
  • The role of God in our life

Conversation highlights:

[03:10] The concept of Electric Trains was there since 1830s.

[09:28] Nothing is New!

[11:58] Why they called it ‘Street Car’?

[13:40] The people decided to give a retirement to the Horses.

[25:17] How the Trolley Cars started?

[30:40] The Question of Reliability……

 [33:33] There is a lot of History for those who want to seek it.

[35:25] God brought us in the world to create things!

[39:36] We have turned into a fast paced society.

  • Can you believe an Electric train running at about 300mph?

[47:55] A new series is coming out!!!

  • “God’s knocking at your heart.”

 [47:57] A small yet beautiful Prayer.


Memorable quotes:

“There is nothing new under the Sun!”

 “Cause and effect makes it happens.”

 “They were using horses for almost everything.”

 “God has brought this podcast about.”


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