Wheels Around The World Part 6

In this episode, Cliff talks about the need to listen to God, who is knocking at your heart. He discusses the relation between God and his people, meanwhile taking us on a spiritual journey towards our heavenly Father.


Starting up with his own experiences and the urge to pray, he ends up colliding the love of God with the love of cars.


Tune in Now!


What to listen for

  • Inventions of Thomas Edison
  • The first gasoline engine discovered
  • The need to pray for his people
  • Henry Ford’s museum
  • The role of God in our life


Conversation highlights:

[01:28] Invention of the Gasoline turbine system.


[02:27] How the gasoline engine invented?


[04:54] Two-stroke engine experiment got successful?


[10:30] What are the discoveries of Elwood Hanes?


[12:27] Why the electric cars are good?


[13:05] Henry Ford’s museum is famous for…..

  • Henry Ford was not the first to create a car?


[16:22] What are the different kinds of fuel available in 1931?


[19:24] Contribution of Thomas Edison…….


[24:53] over 15 million models were sold in America during 1908-1927.


[29:54] Cliff was the first blind mechanic around that got a college degree in automotive!


[37:28] Invention of the first fuel injector.


[39:41] Era of Pontiac!


[45:08] Harley Earl was one of the greatest designers ever known!

  • The invention of the turbine system
  • Designing the Brick white body


[51:48] A small yet effective prayer.


Memorable quotes:

“You can’t have a car without the set of tires.”


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